Friday, April 29, 2016

Past POIs - Hershey's Chocolate World [Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States of America]

Our final stop before heading home from our Washington D.C. roadtrip was Hershey's Chocolate World located in Hershey Pennsylvania, which was on the way back to Toronto for us, so it worked out well.

Hershey's Chocolate World is the largest Hershey chocolate store in the world with 5 different attractions (in 2016) that can entire your family and friends for most of the day depending on how you would like to spend your time and money.

The attractions are a free Hershey's Chocolate Tour, this is a free ride that grows through the process of how their chocolate is made. I imagine that this ride is similar to what is in Disney theme parks, but on a much smaller scale. And then there are the paid attractions which are Create Your Own Candy Bar, 4D Chocolate Mystery movie, Chocolate Tasting Experience, and Trolley Works, all of which have a cost to them ranging from approximately $8 USD to $15 USD. You can buy the tickets online or in person, in person there are package deals whereas I could not find any online. We didn't do any of the paid attractions, but I thought that the free Chocolate Tour was neat.

If you don't want to do any of the paid attractions, there is a REALLY big store here which sells everything that Hershey sells, including and not limited to, Hershey's, Reeses, Kisses, and more. There is also a food court if you wanted something to eat as well.

Parking is free as well as admission, you only pay for the extra attractions. They appear to be open most days, but you should check out their website for details. For more information, visit the official site at

I thought that this was a great stop especially since it was free and on the way home. If you have kids, I think that they would probably have a great time here although the cost will add up really quickly. We spent roughly 1.5 hours here and that was only us doing the chocolate tour and wandering around and seeing what was available at the store and on the grounds. So, you could easily spend more time here if you are doing the attractions.

Come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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