Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2016 - Montreal Day 3

Today, we head back to Toronto after having breakfast and dropping off Mario at the airport.

We went to Schwartz for breakfast, Mike said that it wasn't as good as he remembered, but it seems to change each time he goes. We ordered two large plates which include bread and some coleslaw. They do seem to like their vinegar coleslaw here, it was nice, although I think Moshies was better. The smoked meat was good. Make sure to come before 10:30am, it got really busy then.

Schwartz's - large platter
Headed to Fairmount Bagel after for some bagels. Busy spot! There was a line out the door, but it is pretty quick to get in and out since you don't have a lot of options and it is cash only. You are looking at roughly $1 per bagel, but the fresh ones which come out hot were really good. After it has cooled down, not so much. Make sure to read the instructions on the bag that is included for storage, I didn't and they weren't very good after.

After that, we dropped off Mario at the airport since he needed to fly out for work and the rest of us drove back home with nothing else to really report. I have been to Montreal a few times, however, this was the first time that I've actually visited the famous churches here and they are worth a visit. Coming back to Toronto I learned that Montreal is the food capital of Canada for cuisine and I think it really showed during this trip at least compared to the last time that we came.

I had a great time with the guys since it doesn't happen anymore. I only recall it happening for Mario's bachelor party and it was an overnight thing in Niagara Falls. Hopefully for the next one we try to go something a bit longer like this trip was. Do check out some of the food spots that we tried during this trip, I don't think you could go wrong with the stops that we stopped at.

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