Monday, May 30, 2016

Day Trips - St. Jacobs Farmers' Market / Elora Gorge

This will be a new series heading where I will talk about the Day Trips that take place, it will be posted randomly due to when they happen, but I hope you look forward to them. Our day trips will originate from Toronto, Ontario for those that want a point of reference.

During the May long weekend, we did not plan a long weekend trip since we are still in the middle of finalizing things for both our upcoming wedding and house purchase, so we decided to stay in town in case something popped up. With one of the days, we went and visited St Jacobs Farmer's Market located in Woolrich, Ontario which is approximately 1.5 hour drive from Toronto. It is a short drive from Waterloo for those who might know that better.

St Jacobs Farmers Market is something that Allison has been to a lot, however, I have not, so, it was a good experience for me. For those that don't know, St Jacobs Farmers' Market is a staple place to visit for the locals and tourists alike, typically open on Thursdays and Saturdays, make sure to arrive early, otherwise the lines and crowds get quite big as the day goes on. There are TONS of vendors here selling a wide variety of items, things like souvenirs, electronics, video games, custom artwork, fruits, vegetables, and tons more. For a list of shops, check out their website at

Along with the things that you can buy, there are also a lot of shops that you can purchase food from, things like pizza, pies, ice cream, apple fritters, fresh baked bread, and lots more. Although we did bring lunch since we didn't know what time we would be there, you can arrive and just soak in the sights and the food and it is a good way to spend the day.

Aside from the market itself, there is also an outlet mall right across the street as well as a farm area for the kids to enjoy. And if you like, you can always visit St. Jacobs County which is just a short drive away. Note that for those who wonder why it might look different from before, there was a fire in 2013 that completely destroyed the old market and it was only reopened in June 2015.

We arrived at around 10:40am and we spent about 2 hours here and we only did the Farmers' Market portion. After that, we went to Elora Gorge which I heard was a nice sight to visit for tubing and I noticed that there was a small trail here, so I thought it would be good to visit and hike the trail and see if tubing looked fun and we could come back and try that.

Admission is $6 per adult in 2016, and there is additional costs for tubing, but we weren't here for that today. I thought that we would get the chance to see some tubers to see what it would look like, unfortunately the water conditions were not ideal and tubing was closed when we visited. The hike itself is very short and honestly, a bit disappointing. When I compare it to my previous gorge hike, Watkins Glen, there is no comparison, WG is significantly better and more interesting. The hike is very short, and fairly flat with not too much to see honestly. The highlight of the hike was actually the tubing launch area which you can reach by car. The launch area is a set of stairs that brings you to the bottom of the gorge and you can wander around the area. It was a very hot day when we went and we spent a few minutes at the bottom and left and called it a day. It was disappointing that we didn't get to see the tubers, but it looked like it should be fun to do that.

After Elora Gorge, we drove back home and called it a day, but the end, we left the area at around 2:30pm (arrived at 1:20pm).

Overall, it was a well planned out day, however, I was a bit disappointed by Elora, maybe if I saw tubers my opinion would change, but too late for that now! St Jacobs Farmers' Market definitely seems like a must visit if you want something to do that isn't too far from the city. I need to go back and have an apple fritter since I was told it was the best, I'll need to make it early next time because by 11:00am, the wait was about 30 minutes.

Until our next Day Trip!

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