Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ireland - Day 3 (Galway)

Today, we will visit the Crumlin Gaol of Belfast and then head to Galway where we will be staying for the next three nights.

Breakfast at The Gregory House.
We got up at 8:00am, had breakfast and went to visit the gaol and we made it to the gaol for the 10:30am tour. It is quite a popular tour, we arrived there and bought tickets in person which was £9.00 for adults when we went. Parking is free for cars and there is plenty of parking spaces on site.

Crumlin Gaol. 
Crumlin Gaol. 
Crumlin Gaol.
The tour ended at 12:00pm for us, so 1.5 hours and the tour brings you through the gaol, down one of the wings, through certain rooms and a walk of most of the grounds. There is a lot of history here and you do learn a lot about the gaol, if you buy the tickets online and ahead of time, it is a bit cheaper at £7.50.

Crumlin Gaol. 
Crumlin Gaol. 
Crumlin Gaol.
After the gaol, we drove to Galway and stopped at a random Centra for a snack and gas and made it to Galway by 4:30pm. We checked into our B&B which will be The Huntsman Inn for the next two days and we will be moving to another B&B for another day in Galway since I wasn't able to extend our stay at The Huntsman Inn after we finalized our travel plans.

Fish Sculpture of Belfast. 
Titanic Museum of Belfast. 
Quick bite at Centra.
The Huntsman Inn is well reviewed online and it was actually a bit odd since it is part of a normal plaza and without knowing it, you would probably drive by it think that it was a series of restaurants. The actual inn itself is built on top of the restaurants. With check-in complete, we went to the local visitor center for some information. Allison got a lot of books and pamphlets and on a recommendation by someone at the tourist office, we visited An Pucan, a local pub, for dinner.

Deer in headlights. 
Rib eye on the left, Irish Stew on the right.
We ordered the Irish Stew and the 8 oz. rib eye. They were both good. The lamb in the stew was very tender, the steak was okay with a lot of sides, the salad was very nice. We finished by 6:30pm. There was live music here and it has a nice atmosphere, I would recommend coming here if you are looking for grab a bit. €46 total.

I got your eyes! (Please don't be someone famous and important). 
Street performer.
We chatted with our waitress for a little bit and we were told to wander down Williams Street to the river for a nice walk and explore the downtown area a bit. There is a small section of pedestrian only streets which was nice. We walked down to the water and walked back to the hotel and got back there at around 8:30pm and called it a night.

By the river.
Tomorrow, after doing a bit of research, we will do a local day tour that will guide us to Kylemore Abbey and a few other sights.

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