Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ireland - Day 6 (Limerick)

Today, we visited Cliffs of Moher and Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and stay in Limerick for the night.

Fruit smoothie at Almara House.
Breakfast breads at Almara House.
Breakfast at Almara House.
We arrive at Cliffs of Moher at 10:15am and at this time, it wasn't very busy in the parking lot, so that was a good sign. With map and information in hand, we went to the Doolin portion of the Cliffs of Moher, on the way, there is a little tower there that you need to pay €2 to climb up. AVOID THIS TOWER! It is not worth the price since the viewing platform is actually really bad, it is low, there isn't a view over the tower itself, completely pointless.

Mountain Pass!
Mountain Pass!
The Doolin portion is to the right over the visitor center and we went to the part just before it started turning into a green field with a steep descent and we turned back and made it back to the visitor center by 12:00pm, so, we spent about 1.5 hours to walk there and back to give you an idea of time spent.

Cliffs of Moher. 
Cliffs of Moher.
Cliffs of Moher.
The Doolin portion has REALLY nice area for photos, so don't miss out. Lots of braver people than myself went near the edge and they got great pictures, but I'm find with my close to land pictures.

Cliffs of Moher.
Cliffs of Moher.
After we got back to the visitor center area, we decided that we would walk the other side a bit and see if it was worth while. We got to the first little area that juts out and decided that we would have to walk really far to see anything and we decided to leave, by the time we left, it was around 1:00pm. By now, LOTS of tours were arriving, so again, if you want better photos with less people, make sure to come early.

Beef Stew on the left, Fish and Chips on the right.
We drove to Doolin to McDermott's for lunch, they open at 1:00pm just when we arrived, so we lucked out. Originally we were going to go back to McGann's but we thought that we should try another pub out while we were here. We Ordered the fish and chips and the Guiness Beef Stew, both cost us just under €30 again. However, we liked yesterday's fish and chips more and we liked the beef stew from Front Door more, so, overall, if you are in the area, I would suggest McGann's over McDermott's.

After lunch, we drove to Limerick since based on time, we didn't think we had enough time to do Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and we would save that for tomorrow. The Pier Hotel is where we are staying in Limerick and we are here for one night and we arrived at just before 5:00pm.

The Pier Hotel has very little indoor parking, so you may have issues with finding a spot, if I recall correctly, there were less than 10 spots available. Breakfast is included with our stay, so we will find out how that is tomorrow. The room is a bit smaller than our previous B&Bs but that might be because we are in the heart of Limerick, although it is a very small town.

Sea Bream on top, Fish and Chips in the middle, Oysters at the bottom.
We spoke with the receptionist for information and dinner recommendations and we ended up at The Locke Bar just a short walk away. It is the oldest traditional Irish bar in Limerick, there is live music everyday and they actually had tap dancers while we were there and it was really cool to see. For dinner we ordered the sea bream, fish and chips, and half a dozen oysters for just under €45. Allison didn't like the oysters here as much, they were smaller and not shucked very well. Both the sea bream and the fish and chips were really nice though. We saw some people other the chicken sandwich and that looked really really good with a big portion. No issues recommending this place if you are in the area. For orders, you have to order at the counter, they give you a number and you bring it to table and they will bring your food over when it is ready.

With dinner finished, we did a little stroll around the river. It is a nice area and easily walkable from our hotel which is a first since we were always 15+ minutes away from the downtown area.

Tomorrow, we visit Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and head to Dingle.

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