Friday, June 3, 2016

Past POIs - Sistine Chapel [Vatican City, Italy]

Sometimes, you visit a place that you have heard about and you are amazed, sometimes, you are disappointed, sometimes, you are confused.  This is one of those places where I felt a lot of things and one of the most shocking things for me was that I had the name wrong the whole time.  For some reason, I kept thinking that this place was called the 'sixteen chapel' as if there were fifteen other ones somewhere.

Source: wikipedia
The Sistine Chapel is part of the Vatican Museums and the museum is laid out such that you will see it half way through the exhibits as long as you follow the map and arrows.  Seeing this site is one of those things where, while I am amazed by the work that is involved with creating it, I had this impression that it would be much larger than it actually is.

Source: wikipedia
Unfortunately, you can't take photos in the Chapel, so all images are from their cited source instead of my own as per my use Past POI posts.  Given that this is a big tourist attraction, there are a lot of people and you will likely be standing shoulder to shoulder with other guests.  I felt that this took away from me appreciating it and my lack of understanding what the frescoes meant due to me not being religious.  While it was nice to see, it didn't have as much of a lasting impression as I thought it would.  Mind you, when I saw it, the frescoes look pretty real and given that the frescoes are on the ceiling and not on an entirely flat surface, it was amazing to see how it all works and looks so real.

Source: wikipedia
Construction started in 1473 and it was completed in 1483 with the first mass happening on August 15, 1483. It is a marvel to see, but I think my expectations were set too high for this one, plus my blunder with the name makes me feel somewhat silly. But don't let this dissuade you from visiting, I definitely think it is worth a visit.

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