Friday, July 22, 2016

Past POIs - Kylemore Abbey [Connemara, Ireland]

Originally built by Mitchell Henry in 1871 as a gift to his wife Margaret is Kylemore Abbey, which spans over 15,000 acres. It was later sold to the Duke and Duchess of Manchester in 1903 and was sold to the nuns of the Benedictine Order in 1920 who are the current owners of the property.

Now, open to the public and visitors are able to visit the grounds and go on hikes as well on the property. There is a nice tea room for a bite to eat if you are hungry, the Kylemore Abbey itself, the Victorian Walled Gardens, the Gothic Church just to name a few things that you can see while here.

If you come, make sure to buy your tickets online since you do save 10% at the time of this post. It is far from Galway, so you will need to drive there or sign up for a bus tour.

It is a very nice place and well worth a visit. Although after going to it, I was reminded of our trip in Eastern Europe where we drove to Neuschwanstein Castle, just in terms of it being rainy, a bit of a drive from the main city area.

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