Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2016 - Kingston / Ottawa - Day 2 (Kingston / Ottawa)

Today, we try to visit Kingston City Hall and head to Ottawa.

Breakfast is included with our stay at Quality Inn & Suites. They have a waffle maker, hard boiled eggs, sausage and egg patties, juice machine, coffee, two types of cereal, muffins, bread, pre-packaged danishes, and yogurt. The waffles always taste good to me at these places since you have to make it fresh yourself. Everything else was okay. No issue with recommending the hotel outside of it's location which is a bit outside of the downtown area.

Breakfast at Quality Inn & Suites
Our goal was to make it to Kingston City Hall at 10:00am for the guided tour and we got there at 10:15am, but apparently, we were the first to arrive and we got our guided tour started! We were actually the only ones there, part way through the tour, a son and mother came and joined in as well.

Kingston City Hall
Kingston City Hall
Kingston City Hall is definitely worth a visit in my mind and you should check it out. While they do have guided tours, they also have self-guided tours in the event that you don't make it in time. This was the original capital of Canada and due to the location and proximity to USA, it was later relocated and during this time, it came on hard times and the building was rented to anyone who would rent it including the local police department. As part of the tour, you go to the lower level which actually has the old holding cells there which is very neat to see. The tour lasted one hour.

Kingston City Hall
Right outside the City Hall was the local farmer's market that happens on the weekends and it is worth a peak to see a lot of fresh fruits and produce.

Kingston Public Market
While there, Princess St Promenade was going on which is where they close Princess St and it becomes a street festival with lots of things to see and do. There was a farm, lots of stalls with some food and some freebies as well. We lucked out and I thought it was interesting to wander a festival that wasn't planned.

I'm a llama!
Lunch was at Harper's, a local burger joint. We ordered the wolf's paw shake and the steakhouse and lalaland burgers. Came out to $41 before tip. The drink and burgers were good, worth a stop if you want a quick bite to eat.

Wolf's paw shake
Steakhouse on top, lalaland on bottom.
When we reached Ottawa, we saw that the Pokemon Go craze was here and at the local park, there were tons of people there catching pokemon. It was the first time that I have seen the craze in person.

Aroma Meze is where we went for dinner, it is tapas style food. We ordered the char grilled cremini, rosemary scallops, keftedes, greek poutine, lamb tacos, and cazuela. It came out to $63 before tip. The food ranged from okay to really good (scallops). Service was really slow though, we were told due to new cooks. It seemed like there were a lack of servers, they actually ran out of menus which seems really odd for a restaurant. We ended up here for 2 hours and that was mostly just due to us waiting a lot. The food was good, however, the service needs a lot of work.

Lamb tacos
Greek poutine
Eggplant Roulade
Last thing for the day was the Northern Lights show at parliament which happens every night during summer time. It is a free 30 minute light show that uses the parliament building as the backdrop. It is very neat to see and it was nice to learn a bit about Canadian history, especially for those that don't know it. Worth a stop, make sure to bring some lawn chairs though since it is pretty long.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Tomorrow, we explore Ottawa.

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