Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 - Kingston / Ottawa - Day 4 (Ottawa)

Today, we head to Tangier Kanata for a bit of shopping and then head back to Toronto.

Breakfast at The Business Inn
We had breakfast at The Business Inn and the food was the same, it never changes from the several times that we have been here. Checkout was fine, not that parking is not included in the hotel cost and it roughly $15 a day with in-out privileges.

We made it to Tangier Kanata and it reminds of the Tangiers that we have visited in the past. The deals were okay, it wasn't very business when we arrived since we made it just after they opened. I ended up getting a pair of Banana Republic shorts for just under $20, Allison didn't get anything.

Country Diner (poutine on top left, gyro on top right, turkey sandwich on bottom)
Lunch was at a random diner that we came across on the way home called Country Diner in Smith Falls area. We order the Coney Fries, Chicago Style Gyro and the Turkey Sandwich. The food was good, no complaints. Came out to $21 before tip.

Headed back home after lunch and called it a day. The drive back was not as terrible as the drive in, but it still took us an extra hour to get back due to stop and go traffic. I'm still not sure why it was so busy, there were no lane restrictions, there was a bit of road work. We will need to rethink when we head east because it was super busy to get out.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our trips, until next trip!

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