Friday, August 12, 2016

Past POIs - Remic Rapids [Ottawa, Ontario, Canada]

During our long weekend roadtrip to Ottawa we visited Remic Rapids for the first time and it is a very interesting stop if you happen to come during summer time. Why it is interesting only during the summer time? The rock art!

In 1986, John Felice Ceprano started to build balancing rock art at Remic Rapids and has been doing this annually since. It only lasts during the summer time since it disappears when it gets colder and the tides are higher. Each year there is a different theme and you can actually view all the previous works on his website.

We were fortunate enough that John himself was there while we were visiting, unfortunately, he was repairing a damaged sculpture due to vandals. It was nice to chat about why he does it and how it came to be.

Worth a stop if you are driving and have some free time. I know we see this all the time at CNE, but it was neat to see this elsewhere and the gentleman seems to do this for relaxation and peacefulness since he talked a bit about that while we were there.

Parking is readily available and free. It is a bit of a walk from downtown but it is only a short drive from Chinatown. For directions just look for Remic Rapids Park. For more information, visit

Come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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