Friday, September 16, 2016

Past POIs - Glasnevin Cemetery [Dublin, Ireland]

Glasnevin Cemetery was built in 1828 in Dublin and has some of the famous players from the 1916 uprising which was an important event in Ireland's history. The rising lead to the independence of Ireland from the British.

When you visit, try to sign up for a tour since the tour will guide you around the major sights and you learn a bit about the history behind what happened. Unfortunately for us, we signed up for the wrong tour and it was a bit more history-heavy than we would have preferred. Instead, we were hoping that we would have signed up for a tour that was more about the history of the cemetery itself.

Either way, I think the cemetery is a must see just due to the size and the variety of headstones that are present. Make sure to stop at the Gravediggers pub (or look for John Kavanagh) for a bit to eat since you are here anyways which has been here since 1833!

For more information about the site, visit their official site at

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