Friday, September 2, 2016

Past POIs - Kingston City Hall [Kingston, Ontario, Canada]

Built in 1844, Kingston City Hall was actually going to be the capital of Canada. The plan fell through when Canadians began to worry about their relationship with USA. With that bad news, it was rented out to banks, saloons, church groups, theatre productions, and even a jail.

Kingston City Hall (tour guide on the right)
Nowadays it is the City Hall of Kingston and well worth a visit if you are there. I'm actually surprised by how interesting the building itself is. When we went during summer, there were free guided tours available and it added a lot to our experience although you are able to do a self guided tour yourself. Our free guided tour was just with the guide and two other people and it was pretty intimate and it was good since we were able to ask as many questions as we wanted and it was more or less at our pace. The tour went through a majority of the building and talks about the history behind it, how it was made, who visited, how it became what it is and more.

Kingston City Hall
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Kingston City Hall
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