Friday, September 9, 2016

Past POIs - Slea Head Drive [Dingle, Ireland]

Dingle was initially off our list due to the distance from where we were planning on going while in Ireland but I'm glad that we fixed that route and made it there. Dingle is a nice small town by the coast with lots of fresh seafood and great scenery. One of the must dos while here is the Slea Head Drive which drives along the coast of the Dingle Peninsula and is well worth it. Make sure to drive clockwise though, the roads in Ireland tend to be small if you are not on big roads and this means that you should try to follow the flow of the tour bus traffic otherwise you will be stopping to let them pass a lot.

Slea Head Drive forms part of the Wild Atlantic Way and it starts and ends at Dingle and is very easy to follow the roads (no map required). There are plenty of places to stop and take pictures and take in the scenery, make sure to stop at the local tourist office in Dingle for a map which outlines some popular stops. But, if you don't have that, fear not! Since it is quite popular, just stop where you see other stopped cars because you are bound to run into a few.

Well worth the drive if you are in the area and if you do happen to go to Ireland, try to make it here since it is quite nice and peaceful and they have really fresh and good seafood here. Coming from someone who normally doesn't eat seafood, that says a lot!

Come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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