Friday, October 14, 2016

Past POIs - Hallstatt [Hallstatt, Austria, Europe]

Hallstatt, one of the destinations that we have been to, but while it is very pretty to look at, it makes me wonder why the world has such a fascination with this spot. It is so popular that there is an actual replica created in China! Mind you, I do think that it is a very nice looking town, we didn't really get to wander around to take in the sights there, so maybe we missed out. Since we were on limited time, we just found the spots to take the iconic pictures and pretty much left.

We paid Hallstatt a visit while doing our Eastern Europe trip and we were fortunate that we had a car to get there because it made for travelling a lot easier. I am told that there are tours that will take you there, so don't let not driving you discourage you from trying to go there.

We happened to stop here because we were told that it is worth a stop and it happened to be part of the drive for the day when we were visiting Dachstein for the ice caves and Salzwelten, the local salt mine.

While I think it is a pretty sight, my appreciation for the place may be soured a bit by the fact that we didn't spend time there. My opinion might differ if we have time to wander around, but you can be the judge of how it looks based on some pictures we took and the large amount of pictures you will find online.

When I was looking up Hallstatt on Google Maps, there is actually a '明信片角度 / Classic Village Viewpoint / Postcard Angle' location! Wow!

Come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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