Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 - Black Friday (day 2)

Today, we head to Great Lakes Crossing and visit Crossroads Village.

We got up for breakfast at around 7:15am which had the usual items like eggs, ham, toast, bagels, cereal, some fresh fruit, and they had a waffle maker. Nothing fancy, I think the waffle maker saved the breakfast for me since it is somewhat a reliable and known breakfast item versus mystery eggs and meat.

After breakfast we headed to Target first to get some water and see if there were any videogames still available and I lucked out and got everything that I wanted, Allison also found Finding Dory which was only $10.

Made it to Great Lakes Crossing at 8:45am and we finished by 12:00pm. Kate Spade is new to Great Lakes (Allison says, I wouldn't know) and the deals were pretty good, 70% off regular price. Ended up with some items from Kate Spade, GameStop, and Limited.

Lunch was at Buddy's pizza, near our hotel and we ordered the club salad, a four square pizza, and a pop. The pizza was half Florine Mark and half Detrioter, it reminded me of Pizza Hut, but not as greasy. The salad came with a lot of turkey and bacon, but not that much salad, weird. Came out to $32 USD after tax and tip. I wouldn't come back here, however, it seems like the locals like it here because it is ranked 8 for best pizza in the United States (I'm not sure how this happened).

Florine Mark on top, Detrioter on the bottom.
With lunch over, we went back to the hotel to rest before heading to Crossroads Village since we didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Crossroads Village is a small local attraction that features history buildings and made the area into a small village, similar to Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. Today was the first big day for Crossroads Village since it would be Christmas themed with lights, Santa, and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony which would have fireworks after.

Crossroads Village's train.
We paid for admission and a train ride, which lasts roughly 40 minutes and the train is heated, even though it is really old. Make sure that you don't get motion sickness easily because the train does sway side to side. During the ride, there is Christmas themed music and the conductor talks to the passengers, and there are Christmas themed lights all around and some live people as well including a soldier and Santa. Based on my experience, I would say, sit on the right-hand side of the train. I would say that the cost is not bad for what you get, I wouldn't do it again, but it seemed like it was for family since we saw a lot of kids and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Crossroads Village's printing press.
Crossroads Village's show.
Our initial schedule was to wander the grounds and make it to the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, so with some time to spare, we went to see a show at the Opera House, located near the entrance and it seemed to have a showing every hour on the half hour (5:30pm, 6:30pm, etc).

The show was a neat experience, I would say that it is worth stopping by for this if you are there. Make sure that you keep going up the stairs since there are actually two levels, level one is up one set of stairs, level two is accessible if you walk up another flight of stairs after that. Prior to the show, we chatted with a local who told us about the village, the show that we might be watching and the local area. I always seem to forget that Americans are very passionate about their country. The show itself lasted about 15 minutes and I thought it was a good experience, I can't say what you will end up seeing, but ours was about two girls and how they were ready to celebrate Christmas, however, the local lawyer was trying to swindle them.

After the show, it was raining, so we went to get our umbrellas and returned to see how we would brave the elements. We lined up and got a picture with Santa Claus, and wandered the village afterwards and saw the carousel which was made in 1912! Tickets for the carousel have an additional cost, but we didn't go in, so I don't know how much it cost. In the end, we decided that we wouldn't stay for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony since it was raining and we were getting a bit hungry. We left and made it to Alfoccino's for dinner.

Pasta al pesto
We ordered the ravioli that was on special which had three types of ravioli, a cheese only one, a portobello mushroom one, and a sausage one. And I got the pasta la pesto. Both dishes were okay, nothing special, they did come with unlimited salad, which I guess is to compete with Olive Garden. Overall, not bad and probably about the same price that we would pay at Olive Garden for dinner, roughly $42 USD after tax and tip.

Black Friday loot after two days.
With dinner finished, we went back to the hotel to take a look at our purchases and rested for the evening. Tomorrow, we will visit Allison's much anticipated Hobby Lobby and I will go to Walmart to see if I could find my remaining purchases.

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