Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 - Black Friday (day 3)

Today, we return to Great Lakes Crossing to do some returns and visit Hobby Lobby and Walmart before heading back to Toronto.

Breakfast was similar to yesterday, however the ham and potato stars was replaced with turkey links and french toast, we opted to just have the waffles instead.

Great Lakes Crossing was pretty quiet when we went and Allison was able to quickly do her returns and she noticed that it seems like by Saturday, all the really good deals are over and they go back up in price. So we know what to do next time.

Hobby Lobby was next and the place is huge, reminds me of a Michael's in Canada. Everything was 50% off, even Christmas decorations! While she was at Hobby Lobby, I went to Walmart to see if I could pick up some games and when I got there, I found out that all the deals for them were already over. This confirms that we should do our major purchases on the Thursday / Friday and if we wanted to see anything else, we should try to do that on Saturday instead.

After that, we grabbed a bite at the nearby Burger King. Two whopper combos was only $10! We ordered some Cheetos chicken fries since we saw them, it tasted like chicken tenders but in fries form, nothing special. With lunch finished, we headed back home and we got back by around 5:00pm. The border had a line but I think we only took about 10 minutes.

Until our next trip!

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