Friday, April 21, 2017

Past POIs - Capri Chairlift [Capri, Italy]

During our trip to Italy, Capri was one of our destinations once we figured things out while we were there and if you happen to visit Capri, definitely make your way to the Chairlift if you can because it is definitely worth it for the view and the experience.

I'm not sure what the cost is now, but back in 2013, it cost 10 euros for a roundtrip ticket. The lift itself takes about 15 minutes and it goes from Piazza Vittoria to Monte Solaro. You get dropped off at the top and you can wander the area before taking the lift back down.

The chairlift was built in 1952 by engineer Uliscia and was overhauled in 1998 before re-opening to the public again in 1999. It has 156 chairs and all the chairs are solo chairs (room for one) and you are held in place by a bar that you can literally raise and lower on your own.

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