Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 - Greece - Day 12 [Athens]

Today, we leave Athens and head out for our 2 day Meteora tour.

Breakfast at Hermes Hotel was the same as before, no change. Oddly enough, the hotel that we will be staying at when we return from our 2 day tour will be part of the same chain, I wonder if it will be a different breakfast or the same thing.

Our typical Greek breakfast
We were told that we should meet at the pick up spot at 8:00am and we got there a bit early and the tour guide ended up getting us at 8:15am. 9:00am is when we actually left. It turns out that our pick-up spot was one of many. They gathered people from several hotels and had to coordinate several buses to make sure that everyone was on the right bus.

Our first stop was at 11:00am, which was surprisingly not that much after our departure time. The tour guide talked a lot about the area and history about things in general, basically, if you are a light sleeper, you might want to bring some earplugs. The stop was for 20 minutes, really just a washroom break.

Got to Delphi at 12:00pm and we were there until 1:20pm with the tour lasting almost an hour. So, basically we had 20 minutes of free time which we used to basically charge up to see the stadium and ran down to make it in time for the bus. At this point, the tour split into two, one which would continue as part of the one day tour and another group which would be part of the multi-day Meteora tour. It seems like Meteora was the final part of the tour, so even if you were part of the 3, 4, 5 day tour, you would just end up grouping up with the 2 day tour people.

Chicken Skewer
View from the lunch restaurant
Lunch was at a coordinate restaurant in the middle of nowhere, part of the tour kickback system I guess. The food was okay but fairly expensive in my mind for what you get. We ordered the chicken skewer and mousaka and it cost us 18 euros. Lunch was late and it was from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. We met some new people and noticed that some of them just brought their own food, I guess they knew from experience what the food situation would be like.

Statue of Leonidas
Statue of Leonidas
Next stop was a statue of Leonidas, if you watched 300, you will know who it is. We got there at 4:00pm and it was a quick in/out for pictures. Our next washroom break was actually at 4:30pm and it was for 20 minutes at a local shop. There was one more stop at 5:30pm before a 1.5 hour drive to our destination.

Hotel Orfeas pool
We made it to the hotel at around 7:30pm and dinner was a buffet at the hotel. It wasn't bad I suppose, nothing special. There was some free time after to explore the town.

Hotel Orfeas dinner buffet
Hotel Orfeas dinner buffet
Hotel Orfeas dinner buffet
Tomorrow, we visit the monasteries of Meteora!

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