Monday, June 12, 2017

2017 - Greece - Day 5 [Santorini/Crete]

Today, we spend the morning in Santorini before taking a high speed ferry to Crete for the next part of the trip.

Such a small door
We wandered around Santorini for the morning and ended up at Ouzeri for lunch where we ordered the fava, grilled sardines, and giouvetsi which came out to 30 euros. The food was nice but nothing special in my mind.

Giouvetsi top left, fava on the right, sardines on the bottom left
With out stomachs filled we wandered around some more in Fira before heading to the bus station. We got there about 1 hour before the bus was expected to arrive and if you are going to the ferry, the schedule seems to change daily, so it is a bit hard to plan out well in advance. You also don't need to come too early since there is no line to reserve your spot, so just show up and you should be okay. There was no problem with getting on the bus for us. It cost us 2,30 euros each to get to the port. The bus left at 4:15pm today and got to the port at 4:40pm for our ferry which is at 5:20pm.

Allison found my double
There isn't much at the ferry to do, so don't head down here too early. There are a few shops and some restaurants but nothing to really entertain yourself for too long. There is a covered shelter if you are lucky enough. The ferry was VERY quick and took us about 2 hours to get to Crete and the ferry itself was very nice and the seats were comfortable.

Our ferry
We ended up walking to our hotel which is Capsis Astoria which was a 20 minute walk with our bags. Checked out the dinner buffet at the hotel which didn't impress us and we ended up eating at a local fast food joint called kpaoas. We ordered the chicken mix, manouri salad and it came out to 17 euros. While the plating and portion was impressive, the food was very ordinary, I wouldn't suggest it unless you wanted a lot of food for cheap.

Manouri salad
Chicken mix
Tomorrow, we get the car and drive to Chania for the next couple of days.

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