Friday, July 21, 2017

Past POIs - Red Beach [Santorini, Greece]

Located in Santorini, Greece near Akrotiri is the Red Beach which is known for the red rocks that are located there. It is one of many beaches in Santorini and actually one many beaches, other ones include the White Beach, Black Beach as Karami to name a few.

The Red Beach gets its colour from the iron-rich rock and sand that is there. Oddly, it is actually supposed to be off limits due to the potential for rockslides and the waves that take place here. However, when we went, there were plenty of tourists there with no fear although we didn't see any swimmers while there.

Worth a visit if you happen to be at Akrotiri, it is a very short 10 minute walk. It is a public area with no cost to enter and visit.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 - Greece Summary (Athens)

Duration: 6 days (2 were for the Meteora tour)


Meteora is worth the 2 day tour that we did. While the food was disappointing, seeing the sights in person was fantastic. I have mentioned that it is a bit disappointing when you are in the monasteries since it seems normal, however, that in itself is a feat since it doesn't seem like it is built on the edge of a hill.

Panathenaic Stadium, the world's only marble stadium is a definite must see even if you just want to see it from the outside.

Acropolis, try to make it early in the morning or in the afternoon to avoid the crowds and heat. A must see for anyone who comes.

Central Market, a must for people who like markets. While it is always similar, it is just always interesting for me to see.


Athens in general outside of the tourist area is a bit sad to see. Lots of graffiti and poor people. I knew that they were hit hard with the recession, but this was unexpected for me. While I wouldn't say it was disappointing, it was eye opening for me.

Food Suggestions

Meliltos, suggested by our Visit Athens volunteer and I would suggest it to anyone. It is a bit pricier, but the food was very good.

Thansis, you should stop by for the kebap. I think there are two restaurants next to one another, but I never found out what the difference was.


Negotiate! It doesn't take anything but a minute to ask for a discounted price. We got 15% off just for asking if they could give us a better price on the 2 day tour which is a sizable amount.

Final Thoughts

Athens has its charms although I feel like I enjoyed Meteora more. Plan accordingly since if you are not interested in ruins or museums, I felt like Athens does not have much to offer.