Friday, July 21, 2017

Past POIs - Red Beach [Santorini, Greece]

Located in Santorini, Greece near Akrotiri is the Red Beach which is known for the red rocks that are located there. It is one of many beaches in Santorini and actually one many beaches, other ones include the White Beach, Black Beach as Karami to name a few.

The Red Beach gets its colour from the iron-rich rock and sand that is there. Oddly, it is actually supposed to be off limits due to the potential for rockslides and the waves that take place here. However, when we went, there were plenty of tourists there with no fear although we didn't see any swimmers while there.

Worth a visit if you happen to be at Akrotiri, it is a very short 10 minute walk. It is a public area with no cost to enter and visit.

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