Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 - Lake Placid - Day 2

Today, our goal is to visit The Wild Center in Tupper Lake.

The Wild Center
We went to check out the breakfast set-up at the hotel and unfortunately it is just cereal bars, coffee, tea and some orange juice. So, don't expect much in terms of breakfast if you stay here.

Based on our conversation with the host, we went to Little Super Market for some lunch sandwiches since they offer filled sandwiches for a low price. When we got there, you actually make your sandwich yourself by filling in a piece of paper with what you want in your sandwich. You get to pick your choice of bread (white, rye, sub), meats (there must have been over 15 types of deli meat), veggies, and spread. Once you have filled in the sheet, just hand it to the person behind the counter and wait while they make your sandwich. A sandwich with 1 meat comes to $3.50 a sandwich.

We made it to Washboard for a donut which I read about online. It was $0.85 a donut and we got the glazed and peanut butter. Definitely get a donut that has a spread instead of the glazed one since it is fresh vs old (at least that's how we felt based on how they tasted).

Wild Center was next and it cost us $20 per person when we went. However, the ticket is actually good for two days if you want to re-visit (or maybe if you get rained out). We basically charged to do the Wild Walk portion of the place first since it would likely get really crowded as it got later in the day (it opens at 10:00am).

The Wild Center
The Wild Center
The Wild Walk portion is a tree-top trek which has a bird's nest that you can walk into, some suspension bridges, as well as a huge spider web made of rope that you can play in. We spent 45 minutes here.

The Wild Center
The Wild Center
After the Wild Walk, we did some hiking in the area, there are a few trails and the ones that are worth it in my mind are the ones by the river which is right next to the Wild Walk. Our hiking took another 45 minutes before we arrived at the Wild Center.

Little Super Market sandwiches
There are actually quite a lot of cool things to see in the Wild Center. There are exhibits with animals like otters, toads, frogs, bugs, and there are plenty of fish here as well. There is a theater with short films, as well as scheduled talks where staff talk about things like amphibians and the otters. We had lunch while we were here and ended up leaving at 1:00pm (so, we spent 3 hours here).

The Wild Center
The Wild Center
Went to the local Tupper Lake street festival where we wandered around for about 30 minutes before heading to Skyline ice cream. We got the small black raspberry twist for $2.30. It was actually really good. I'd recommend it if you are in the area.

Skyline Ice Cream
Skyline Ice Cream
I tried to drive us to a fire tower, but unfortunately due to the heavy rain, the road was actually flooded out which was disappointing. To make up for this, we went back to Donnelly's for the second ice cream of the day! Today's flavour was mountain almond with chocolate and vanilla twist which was $3.60 for a regular sized cone. This flavour was amazing in my mind. Reminded me of the Chinese almond tofu dessert.

Donnelly's Ice Cream
Ended up at Aldi which is a grocery store for some snacks and then rested at the hotel before dinner which would be at McDougall's pub and grill based on the host's recommendation. We ordered the pub steak and the fish and chips which came out to $38 before tip. Make sure to sit outside if you can for the nice view. The food was good, nothing special in my mind.

McDougall's Pub and Grill - Pub Steak
McDougall's Pub and Grill - Fish and Chips
Returned to the hotel to prep for hopefully a good evening of campfire and marshmallows. The host actually showed us how to make s'mores which consisted of them warming the graham cracker and chocolate by placing it near the fire while they roasted marshmallows. This would allow the chocolate to get warm and be melty by the time you assemble everything. Unfortunately, we got rained out after about 3 s'mores and had to call it a day.

Alpine Country Inn & Suites - s'mores!
Tomorrow, we visit the Wildlife Refuge and try to do some hiking.

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