Wednesday, August 16, 2017

2017 - Lake Placid - Day 3

Today, we visit the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and go hiking in the afternoon.

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge
The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge opens at 10:00am and there is a man who actually goes into a pen with wolves and he does talk about them. Specifically, in terms of what wolves are, what they are like, and the impact that they have in nature. However, he did end up talking a lot about some of his political interests and disinterests and that was when we got bored and started to leave and explore the rest of the place. By that time, he had already talked for an hour!

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge - Grey wolf
Adirondack Wildlife Refuge - Bald Eagle
We spent about 45 minutes looking at the other animals there and did a short hike as well. The animals that they have are usually animals that people found that need help and all the animals there have stories behind them which I thought was pretty neat. It is a non-profit organization with their funds being primarily donations and admission is actually free and it is up to you if you want to give them something for visiting (you can do this at the end).

Adirondack Wildlife Refuge - Porcupine
Had our lunch (which was sandwiches from the Little Super Market) in the car and ended up leaving at noon. Next, we went to do the Owl's Head Trail! Unfortunately, by the time we got there, there were plenty of signage saying that the trail is actually closed on the weekends which was disappointing. I guess it is because it is a semi-residential area and that hikers would park their cars everywhere, so it is closed off during the weekends.

So, instead, we went back to the hotel and go some ice cream at Whitebrook Dairy Bar where we ordered a small hard ice cream, salted caramel truffle was the flavour which cost us $3.50. It was very good and actually a good size too. Regular would have been too big.

Ended up doing the Cobble Hill trail instead which is a 1.3 mile trail each way (2.6 mile round-trip) which took us roughly 45 minutes each way. The trail has some ups and downs but in general is relatively flat and easy hike. At the end of the hike you arrive at a clearing where you get to see the surrounding area which is nice. We started at 3:00pm and ended at roughly 4:45pm. There is no cost for this and there is a small parking lot, otherwise it looked like people were parking on the side of the road.

Cobble Lookout Trail
Cobble Lookout Trail
Cobble Lookout Trail
Dinner was at 6:00pm at Redneck Bistro where we ordered the Redneck Burger and the Southern Fried Chicken. It set us back $29 before tip. We thought that the food was actually quite good (or we were hungry), however the service was very poor. Based on that, not sure if I should suggest it or not. Allison mentioned it might have to do with everyone arriving at roughly the same time, but as a customer, that shouldn't matter. It took about 30 minutes I think to actually get food after ordering it.

Redneck Bistro - Southern Fried Chicken
Redneck Bistro - Redneck Burger
After dinner, we went back to the hotel and cleaned up in hopes of another campfire and we lucked out and there was another one! Tonight, the host's family was actually staying there and we were the odd ones out in a group of 7 others. We were included in their fire-side chat as well as a game of Joe Name It with more roasted marshmallows and s'mores. It was a nice way to end the trip.

Tomorrow, we head back to Toronto.

The following day, we went to Country Bear Bakery for breakfast where we ordered the special which was french toast, eggs, and choice of meat and we also got the regular breakfast with two eggs, choice of meat, and toast which came out to $16 before tip.

Country Bear Bakery
The food was okay, Allison really liked the butter that came with the french toast. The rest of the trip was just us driving back home. No issues at the border which had roughly 6 cars before us, two lanes open at roughly 11:00am. Made it back to home by 5:00pm, so took roughly 8 hours to get back with two stops (lunch and washroom break).

Tomorrow will be my summary of Lake Placid.

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