Monday, October 30, 2017

2017 - California Day 15 (San Francisco)

Saturday, September 23, 2017. Today is our last day in San Francisco, which is also our last day of our trip. We will be here for the full day with our flight out at 11:00pm.

Muir Woods
This morning, we head to Muir Woods which required us to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. For tourists, you actually will need to pay on the way back, however, you don't need to pay when you leave. Since we rented our car, we didn't want to be charged by the rental car company to pay for this, so when I did some research, I found out that I could register online and have the toll charged directly to my account. You can find more information at bay area fastrak. Basically we would select a time range for when we plan to use the bridge, enter our credit card and it would charge the one when we cross within the time range.

Muir Woods
Muir Woods is not far from our hotel, in fact, we made it in 30 minutes. Admission was $10 per person, also covered by our annual pass, therefore we made some money now! 

Muir Woods - A buck!
This National Park is actually quite small compared to Yosemite. The main trail loop only takes about 1.5 hours and it is fairly flat and the main trail is a loop. Muir Woods primary attraction are the redwoods which are some of the tallest trees in the world with the highest tree here being over 200 feet tall. Outside of the main trail, there are some smaller trails, but I don't see how one would spend more than a morning or afternoon here.

We found a chipmunkiosis!
Personally, I think the sequoias were more interesting to see, but that's because I can see it when it is right in front of me versus me having to crane my neck to appreciate how tall these trees are.

The loop is nice and relaxing, since we got here early (just before 9:00am), it wasn't very busy. So it was nice to wander. I'm not sure how busy it gets later though. I did notice and we heard that there is not enough parking for the area, so you should try to come early.

Lands End Lookout is where we headed to next. Lunch was our first stop here which was at Louis'. The food is okay, diner style where it is actually cash only for some odd reason. We ordered two breakfasts which were about $10 each. As you can tell, nothing special.

With our bellies full, we hiked to Eagles Point. On the way, we actually were hiking along with what looked like a battleship pulling a tugboat. The hike to Eagles Point is 1.3 miles and we started at 1:30pm.

At Eagles Point, you get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. At this point, I was a bit bored with it. The hike itself is pretty nice, there are some steep parts though. Made it back to the car at 3:00pm, so it took us about 1.5 hours round trip.

Lands End Lookout
We were done with San Francisco at this time. We made it back to Fort Point because Allison wanted some stamps there (there are stamps at every National Park which are unique to them). And so we headed down to the airport area to try to figure out how to return all these plastic jugs.

While in California, we bought a bunch of water jugs thinking that we could return them but there was no place to do so, or it wasn't very clear for tourists. Oddly, it seemed like even locals don't know what to do with them. What I didn't understand was, don't locals buy them? We ended up spending quite a bit of time wandering and driving around and we had to end up just throwing them in the garbage.

Barracuda - Cat's Meow
Barracuda - Caterpillar roll on left, spider roll on right
Barracuda - chicken karage
Dinner was at Barracuda, a japanese restaurant near the airport where we ordered the Cat's Meow, Spider Roll, Chicken Karage, and Caterpillar Roll. The food was okay. We thought it was too expensive for what it is.

Returned the car at Hertz, where the person didn't even check the car, just the mileage, checked in and that was the end of our trip. The flight was pretty uneventful since it was a red-eye.

Come back tomorrow for my trip summary!

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