Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2017 - California Day 2 (Los Angeles)

Sunday September 10, 2017. Today we visit the Griffith Observatory, look for the Hollywood sign and wander Hollywood Blvd.

Breakfast was included with our stay at Hollywood Downtowner. Oddly, it is not part of the hotel but actually part of a restaurant a few shops down. The food was okay, it was saved with the waffle maker.

Hollywood Downtowner breakfast
We made it to the Griffith Observatory just before 9:00am. When we went at this time, there was plenty of parking and it cost $4 per hour but it starts after 10:00am. We paid until noon thinking that it would be enough time.

Hollywood sign! From Griffith Observatory.
View from a hike at Griffith Observatory
We hiked for roughly 1.5 hours to see the sign and the observatory itself. The observatory is free to visit, however there are shows that you can pay to see. We looped the observatory and finished at 11:30am.

Griffith Observatory

*Insert glowing finger here*
Made it to The Broad by around 12:10pm and went to try to look for lunch but it seems like downtown Los Angeles is very dead on Sunday. There aren't many cars on the road, but all the parking lots seemed full. We had no idea where people were. Ended up parking at 2nd and Olive for $8 for the day.

Villa Moreliana - Menu

Villa Moreliana - Tacos!
Ended up at Central Market for lunch which is just like St Lawrence Market in Toronto. We wanted to try EggSlut but that failed since the line up was insane and ended up getting food at Villa Moreliana where we got 5 tacos with a large drink which came out to $18.11. While in line, you actually get a sampler for free! There isn't a lot of seating in the area, so odds are, you'll be eating while standing.

The Broad - Giant Balloon Dog!
Went to The Broad thinking that we could see the Infinity Room but it was fully booked by the time we got there. I guess it is really popular. Oddly, there were a lot of people just waiting to get in which is weird since the tickets are free if you order them online.

The Broad - Small part of a mural
The Broad is actually quite a nice art gallery with a large variety of art with some really cool things to see from painting to the giant balloon dog to the giant dining table. We ended up spending an hour there.

Musso and Frank's - Grenadine of Beef

Musso and Frank's - Liver and Onions
Drove back to the hotel to rest and then we headed to Hollywood Blvd on foot. We headed out at 5:00pm and wandered Hollywood Blvd and ended up at Musso and Frank's grill for dinner. Ordered the Grenadine of Beef and Liver and Onions which came out to $62.27 after tip. Food and service was very good.

Jackie Chan!
We ended up at the Chinese Theatre and took pictures and wandered back to the hotel to call it a night.

Tomorrow, we got to Universal Studios Hollywood for the day.

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