Friday, December 15, 2017

Past POIs - Crooked Street [San Francisco, California]

While visiting San Francisco, a touristy must is to visit Crooked Street. Why would you want to visit Crooked Street? Well, take a look at the picture below.

Located on Lombard Street between Hyde St and Leavenworth St is the famous Crooked Street which is a one-way, one block street that has a steep elevation drop which consists of 8 hair-pin turns. It was actually designed this way due to how steep the drop is. If you drive in San Francisco, you will know what I mean by steep drops. There are streets where it seems like you are on a roller coaster with how sheer the drop is.

When you get here, make sure to take some pictures and video safely. It was actually a bit odd since there was an actually person that was conducting traffic flow and pedestrian safety due to how many tourists there are trying to take pictures with this street. We actually went during a weekday and was told that it wasn't even that busy compared to the weekend. I can't imagine what the insanity must be like.

We did only travel this on foot and we opted out of driving down it. Allison did ask me about it, but I didn't really care to do 5 mph on such a steep and short section of road. Plenty of people road down this street with their GoPros shooting out of the roofs of cars.

Come back next Friday for another Past Point of Interest!

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