Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 4 (Desert Castles)

Saturday May 12, 2018. Today, we visit the desert castles that are to the east of Amman. They are actually in a loop and you can visit anywhere between 3-5 of them within a day. All the castles are included with the Jordan Pass.

Day 4 Overview
No change in breakfast today at Toledo Hotel, I guess it will always be the same every day. We left Toledo at around 7:45am and made it to our first desert castle, Al-Hallabat at 8:50am. It is a small castle, but worth a visit. We spent 30 minutes here.

Toledo Hotel breakfast
Al-Hallabat Castle
Al-Hallabat lego pieces?
Next up, Qasr Al Azraq, which was a fortress back in it's hayday. It is actually located in the city/town, so it seems a bit odd where it is located. We made it here at 10:40am. Not too much variety in things to see inside, not sure how I feel about this one. We finished in 30 minutes here as well.

Al Azraq castle
Al Azraq castle
Lunch today was at Riyadh where we ordered half a kg of BBQ meat, cucumber salad, and fatoush. Came out to only 11.50 JD! Food was very good.

Riyadh - Fatoush on top, cucumber salad on the right, BBQ meat on the left
Qasr Al Amra is next and we made it here at 1:30pm. It may not look like much on the outside, but you are in for a treat when you go inside. Take a look at the frescoes that are inside. Spent about 30 minutes here as well.

Al Amra castle
Al Amra castle fresco
After this, we were about to visit the nearby wetlands, but decided against it since it would cost 8 JD for about an hour. We tried to go to the nature reserve instead, which we failed to make due to the construction on the highway. Somehow, the construction actually prevented us from getting there. Odd...

Qasr Al Kharaneh is next, this was a pretty cool looking building on the outside. Not much to see on the inside though. Spent 30 minutes here too (I'm noticing a trend here).

Al Kharaneh castle
Al Kharaneh castle
Our last stop today would be the Royal Automobile Museum. This is not included with the Jordan Pass, but it was only 3 JD and money well spent. Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you will still appreciate what is there.

Royal Automobile Museum - Mars Rover
Royal Automobile Museum - Damiler Experimental Motorcycle (1885!)
Royal Automobile Museum - I might be too big for this one
Housed in the Royal Automobile Museum is the collection from the king of Jordan and you will see lots of cars and motorcycles from various eras. There are even unique one of a kind vehicles, like the Mars Rover that was from The Martian, the Tron bike and more!

Royal Automobile Museum
Royal Automobile Museum - SLR McLaren (2009)
Royal Automobile Museum - Tron Cycle!
We wandered the Abadi Mall in search of the #lovejo sign, it took awhile, but we eventually found it and it was OUTSIDE the mall!

An oddity that we haven't quite figured out is why I am so popular here. We have noticed that teenagers LOVE to take pictures with me.

My fans!
Dinner was at Cafe Italia where we ordered the chicken cacciatore, beef bolognese, and gnocchi. It came out to 33 JD and was actually better than expected other than the gnocchi which was overcooked. With dinner done, we headed back to the hotel.

Cafe Italia - Gnocchi
Cafe Italia - Chicken Cacciatore
Tomorrow, we head to the Dead Sea.

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