Thursday, June 7, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 10 (Wadi Rum)

Friday May 18, 2018. Today we say good bye to Petra and head to Wadi Rum where we will spend the day and evening there.

Wadi Rum!
Breakfast was the same as usual here, I'm glad this will be the last breakfast here. We left the hotel at 7:30 and made it to the Wadi Rum Visitor Centre at 9:00am. Ahead of our originally scheduled 9:30am arrival time.

La Maison Petra breakfast - pancake maker wasn't there today!
When we got there, we had to register with the tourism police which only asked for the tour company, # of people and where we are from. I was a bit confused by this, I wonder if it is to see how many travel here and from where? They didn't ask for names. While here, I did notice that Arabic is written from right to left, top to bottom, how interesting!

We met our guide at Wadi Rum village which is a short drive from the Visitor Centre. After moving our luggage (we only brought overnight bags) to the truck, we had a short drive in and we met with who I believe was the owner, who provided us with tea and gave us an introduction of the program, what we would see, and the overall schedule for the day. During the introductions, we learned that we were the only people here for the day tour, private tour! Woo hoo!

Lawrence Spring - where the trees are
Lawrence Spring from below
Lawrence Spring was the first stop, where you can climb up a hill for some great views of the surrounding area.

Sand Dune - view from above
Sand Dune - Hello!
Sand Dune was next, you had the option to sandboard and it is free, however, the sand was so coarse that you would have difficulty actually going down the dune at a decent speed. We saw someone try this, but they moved slower than if you were to just walk down. We stayed here for lunch (it was 12:30pm by the time we finished).
Our packed lunch that was included.
Khaz'ali Canyon was next, cool place for inscriptions, and there are actual trees out here! I wonder how they survive?

Khaz'ali Canyon
Khaz'ali Canyon - inscriptions
Khaz'ali Canyon - trees!
Little Arch was next. It was actually next to our camp that we would spend the evening at.

Little Arch
Our chariot
Lawrence House was next. We stayed here for awhile, ended up leaving here at 4:00pm. I think they try to have us in the shade when the sun is high. It is a bit annoying as tourists who want to explore as much as possible, but I can see why it is done this way. Note, lunch was pre-packed and we had the option to decide when to eat. Each site actually has a little hut that is shaded where you can sit and relax.

Lawrence House
Lawrence House
Lawrence House
Mushroom Rock was next.

Mushroom Rock
Burrah Rock Bridge was next. You can see the bridge way off in the distance. Not really sure why this was a stop to be honest.

Burrah Rock Bridge - Do you see the rock bridge?
Burrah Canyon was next. It is a one-way hike where the driver dropped us off at one point, and he would meet us at the other end. It was a nice hike, especially since it was in the afternoon.

Burrah Canyon
Burrah Canyon
One final bridge arch (I believe it is the Um Frouth Rock Bridge) and this was the best way to end the night if you are not afraid of heights (or can conquer this for the picture).

Um Frouth Rock Bridge? - Climbing up (notice how there is nothing preventing you from falling)
Um Frouth Rock Bridge?
Camp was next, where we got to pick our own tents, since there was nobody else here. Dinner was included, where they actually cook the food in the sand which was pretty cool to see. It included rice, tomato sauce, veggies, and chicken.

Our tent at Beyond Wadi Rum
Wild Camels! How do we know? There are no ropes around their legs/neck
The evening ended with music and fire in the night. Since it was cloudy, there weren't as many stars as expected, but it was still nice.

Sunset from Beyond Wadi Rum
Sand cooked? dinner
Late night stars (3:00am)
Tomorrow, we head to our last destination, Aqaba.

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