Friday, June 8, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 11 (Aqaba)

Saturday, May 19, 2018. Today, we head to Aqaba which is our last stop for the trip.

Look who I found!
Beyond Wadi Rum breakfast
We all woke up early due to us not sleeping well. It was actually fairly hot overnight (in the 20s compared to what we expected to be the 10s).

Beyond Wadi Rum food tent
Breakfast included some potatoes with eggs, hard boiled eggs, the tomato sauce but with beans, hummus, and baba ganoush. The food was actually good.

Ended up leaving at around 8:30am due to us having to wait for the driver. The driver actual left last night and didn't stay in the camp like we did. Got back to the village at 8:45am where we spoke with the owner briefly about our experience.

It seems like there is a lot of hustling going on and everyone is asking us to give them 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Even offered us access to their WiFi in order to go it in person. I have no issues with rating places, but I don't like how I get bullied into doing so.

DoubleTree cookies (OMG they are so good)
Got back to our car (which was safe with our luggage in the trunk) and made it to Aqaba by 10:00am. It was too early to check into our rooms, but we got checked in and lounged around for a bit. It was too hot to do anything outside since today's high is 43 degrees! And it was Ramadan, so nothing was open. The weather is supposed to be the same tomorrow which is disappointing to hear.

Lunch was at the local McDonald's, which is the first McDonald's we have been to on this trip. Food was actually fairly reasonably priced here. Ordered the duo spicy wrap with large fries and medium drink, and another combo with two burgers, large fries, and another drink. It came out to 6.53 JD which is about $12 CAD!

After lunch, we wandered the area to find out what we could about snorkeling in the area and we visited a few shops. It cost roughly 17 JD per person and this would include transportation and rentals. On the way back to the hotel, we visited the Visitor Center where we were told that we could just drive to where we want to go snorkeling and just rent the equipment there which sounded like a better deal and made our decision easy for tomorrow.

Ended up at the hotel and watched the Royal Wedding! Perfect timing, since it was too hot to stay outside. When it was done (or we got bored), we went to the pool at the hotel. There were a lot of people there, but most were oddly just sunbathing and not in the pool. The pool was okay. There is a hot tub there as well. Towels were included, so we didn't need to bring our own.

Went to the local Carrefour to look for things to buy. Ended up getting souvenirs and some water there.

Rakwet Kanaan - dinner
# <3 AQABA
For dinner, we ended up at Rakwet Kanaan where it was a buffet. It was only 8.50 JD per person.

Tomorrow, we head to go snorkeling as our last day in Jordan.

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