Tuesday, June 12, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 13 (Aqaba/Madaba)

Monday, May 21, 2018. Today is the last day of our trip where we travel up from Aqaba to eventually get to Amman airport.

DoubleTree Aqaba breakfast
Breakfast at DoubleTree was the same as the previous day. Still good!

Museum at the lowest place on earth

Museum at the lowest place on earth
Lowest Point on Earth Museum was the first stop which we got to by 12:30pm. There isn't much to see here, just thought it would be worth a stop since we were heading north anyways. It was included with the Jordan Pass. Spent maybe 30 minutes here.

Mujib Nature Reserve

Mujib Nature Reserve
Stopped by the Mujib Nature Reserve (or Mujib Biosphere Reserve) for a quick picture. We didn't have time to go inside, but from the pictures that you see on the TV there, you will wade through a river and it will reach your head! There is a rope that you need to use to guide yourself along. It looks like it is self-guided, however, you get instructions at the beginning.

Ended up booking a hotel in Madaba to rest and shower before our red-eye flight today (3:00am flight to Frankfurt! And then off to Toronto).

Haret Jdoudna - Fatoush Salad

Haret Jdoudna - Shawarma plate on the left, lamb fillet on top, shish tawook on right
Dinner was at Haret Jdoudna where we ordered the shish tawook, lamb fillet, and the jodudna plate which came out to 38 JD. The food was good, but might be a bit expensive for what it was.

We left for the airport around 11:00pm so that we could drop off the car and finalize our flight. The flight was scheduled for 3:00am, but you could check in at 12:00am, so that was good. There is nothing to do here until you go through security, so it was good that it was a 3 hour window.

Flight and food was uneventful, so I will skip talking about those items.

Next, I will talk about my trip summary!

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