Monday, June 4, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 7 (Petra)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Today, we visit Petra during the day for the first time (of potentially 3 times).

Breakfast is included in our stay, but it was fairly disappointing compared to the previous places. Still not sure why there are so many flies here, but it made me question some of the items that are out in the open.

La Maison Petra breakfast
With breakfast done, we left the hotel at 8:45am and the walk in was identical to Petra By Night, except it was during the day time. It is quite different from night time since everything is well lit and you could clearly see the designs and how high the walls are in the Siq.

Me in the Siq
The Treasury is actually the first major site that you will see. After that, it opens to a wide open area that you can wander and see many things, from the theater, to the ruins.

After making it to the Treasury, we decided that we would take the Al-khubtha Trail which would take you up to see the Treasury from above. The trail itself has a lot of tombs that you will see along the way. All very impressive when you realize that everything is craved out of the rock! It was not pieced together, it was dug out of it.

Street of Facades
Al-khubtha Trail
The most annoying part of this hike was that the view itself, actually has a cafe built on top of it. So, in order for you to get the 'best' view of the Treasury from above, you actually need to buy something from the cafe to enjoy the view.

Treasury from the Al-khubtha Trail
Wadi al-Farash Trail
Luckily, there is an open spot right next to it that is slightly off-center, but still a good spot for pictures which is where we hung out for a bit and had our sandwiches while enjoying the view.

Treasury from the Al-khubtha Trail
A buddy!
After this hike, we walked down and walked Tracey out since she wasn't feeling too well anymore, before Allison and I did the Wadi al-Farasah Trail. It is a nice trail as well with plenty to see, and a bit more variety. However, the trails in this place are poorly marked and we actually got lost and ended up in someone's home. Apparently, there are people who live in the area. They kindly pointed us back in the right direction and by then, we were exhausted, however, it would still be another 1 hour of slow walking before we got back to the entrance.

Wadi al-Farash Trail - High Place of Sacrifice
Wadi al-Farash Trail
Of course, there are a variety of other methods to get back to the entrance (by camel, by donkey, by horse, by carriage), but we didn't want to support the people who didn't seem to treat their animals well, so we just trucked along and eventually made it back to the hotel where we rested before meeting back up with Tracey for dinner.

Al Wadi - Mansaf
Al Wadi - Maklouba (chicken and rice)
Al Wadi was where we went for dinner. We ordered the Mansaf, Maklouba, and the Arabic Salad which came out to 27.50 JD. The food was really good (or we were really hungry). Came with some nice free warm bread. We were given a free mint drink to finish the meal.

Tomorrow, Petra Day 2 where we hike to the Monastery.

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