Tuesday, June 5, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 8 (Petra)

Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Today, we visit Petra and aim to visit the Monastery via the Ad-Deir Trail as the main goal for today.

Breakfast was the same, we have noticed that there is a waffle maker here and I think that might be our new go to for breakfast.

La Maison Petra breakfast
Ended up leaving for Petra at the same time, roughly 8:30am. Made it to the Treasury by 9:15, so it takes roughly 30-45 minutes to get to the Treasury from the main entrance. Obviously the time is based on your pace and what you take pictures of.

Made it to the Basin Restaurant at 10:00am. The Basin Restaurant is actually at the end of the Main Trail. When you head to the Monastery, make sure that you take a right from the restaurant. If you head straight, you are going the wrong way. They clearly need to make better signs (since we also got lost yesterday).

Ad-Deir Trail - am I there yet?
Ad-Deir Trail 
Got to the Monastery around 11:00am. So, it took us about an hour to get from the Basin Restaurant to the Monastery. It is a hike that is straight up and it is just a series of stairs.


Ad-Deir Trail - From the 'Best View' at the top, near the Monastery

The Monastery
Made it back to the Basin Restaurant by 1:00pm where we decided to visit the Byzantine Church which has some mosaics (which seems to be pretty common here).

Byzantine Church mosaics

Wandered the area across from the Byzantine Church which is the Great Temple. The place was pretty big! But like most things, it was uncovered and it was when the sun was the highest, so we got pretty tired and started to head back to the Treasury in order to decide if we would do the other hike which would cost us between 25-35 JD just to be able to do the hike! This part seemed a bit odd because only locals can take you up, why can't we just walk ourselves?

Treasury in the afternoon
Either way, we were too tired anyways, so we didn't end up doing the hike for the other view and just headed back to the hotel. Got back to the Treasury at 3:00pm and ended up at the beginning by 3:30pm.

Beit Albarakah - kabisa on the left, shawarma meal on top, lamb chops on the right and fatoush in the middle
Beit Albarakah was the choice for dinner where we ordered the Fatoush, lamb chops, shawarma meal, and kabisa with chicken. The owner (we think) gave us a free bottle of water along with free baklavas for dessert! Came out to 29 JD and we think much better than Al Wadi which we had last night.

Tomorrow, we visit Little Petra.

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