Wednesday, June 6, 2018

2018 - Jordan Day 9 (Petra)

Thursday, May 17, 2018. Today, we do Shoubak Castle, Little Petra, and one last visit to Petra in the evening for our last day in Petra.

La Maison Petra breakfast
Breakfast was the same, no change. 

Do you think it's filled with coffee?
Made it to Shoubak at around 10:20am. This was the first place that we did it with a guide. It was okay, cost us 10 JD for the 3 of us, originally he wanted 5 JD each. The castle is pretty big, lots to see and it is atop a hill and when the guide spoke with us, he mentioned that there was a moat a long time ago and showed us where it would be. We spent about an hours here.

Shoubak Castle
Shoubak Castle
We decided to go for lunch, but then realized that nothing was open, so we ended up not having lunch and just headed straight to Little Petra after. Honestly, if you want to visit Little Petra, you should do it before Petra. It is very small (doable in under an hour).

Little Petra
Went back to Petra for an afternoon viewing which would be our last. Made it there for 5:00pm. As we were heading out at around 6:30pm, we noticed that they were beginning to set up for Petra By Night. Made it out by 7:00pm.

Zawaya was where we ended up at for dinner. Ordered the Mandi special, Mansaf, and Galaya special which came out to 25.50 JD. The food was okay. The best was last night at Beit Al-Barakah restaurant.

Zawaya - Mansaf
Zawaya - Mandi special
Tomorrow, we head to Wadi Rum where we spend the day in the desert and sleep there as well.

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